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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a sound loop in audacity?

How to make looping sound effects with Audacity 1 Download and open Audacity, if you haven’t already. 2 Drag and drop your source audio into the project window. You’ll be asked if you want to make a copy of the file, you can choose either option but it’s ... 3 Select the section of audio that you’d like to loop using the Select tool.

How to make a repeating audio file in audacity?

First open your audio file in Audacity by launching the application and choosing Project > Import Audio from the menu. With the audio file open, select the entire audio file either from the menu by choosing Edit > Select > All or the key command Ctrl+A. Choose Effect > Repeat from the menu

Which is the best format for looping audacity?

If a compressed file format is required, try OGG Vorbis (though understand that because OGG Vorbis is a lossy format, the encoded audio is not exactly identical to the original audio). OGG Vorbis loops will generally perform acceptably provided that the start / end of the loop are at zero crossing points .

How to create a loop from an audio track?

To create an audio loop from an audio track, the first step is to find a suitable section. Ideally the sound will be reasonably constant for as long as possible. Looping is much easier with mono tracks, so if you have a stereo recording but a mono track would be sufficient, the track could first be converted to mono using .

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