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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a microphone for audacity?

If you record using your computer's built-in microphone, you will not achieve professional recording quality. For serious recordings, you will need to connect an external microphone, like a condenser microphone or a dynamic vocal microphone. Audacity allows you to configure your external microphone with the software.

How do you use MIDI?

By connecting a MIDI cable to your computer, you can record, edit, and notate your music using software programs on your computer. You can buy MIDI-recorded CDs and hear the songs played with the sounds of your own keyboard. Hybrid pianos and player piano systems also use MIDI to communicate with other digital equipment.

Do you use a MIDI interface?

You can use these MIDI Interfaces to connect to any computer via USB. The interfaces are also useful with keyboards, pad controllers, and audio interfaces. You can then configure your studio or live rig whichever way you want to. They are most convenient when you plan to use DAW to control MIDI-equipped hardware. If you cannot connect the hardware to your computer the easy way, you will need an interface. However, you may not need it if you have USB equipped keyboards and controllers.

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