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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust my recording volume levels using Audacity?

Windows: How do I Adjust my Recording Volume Levels Using Audacity? First make sure your microphone volume in Audacity is set to 1.0. Then click Record (i.e. the red circle button) and begin speaking in your normal voice for a few seconds, and then click Stop (i.e. the yellow square button).

Why does audacity record at different recording speeds?

Hardware and sound driver problems or sample rate mismatches between Audacity, the operating system and the sound device can cause poor audio quality or make tracks play and record at different speeds. If a new track is being recorded at a different speed, it will progressively drift apart from the beat of the other tracks, so latency ...

Why is the recording cursor stuck in audacity?

The recording cursor can legitimately appear to be stuck in Audacity if you have accidentally enabled Sound Activated Recording in the Transport Menu and the current recording input is below the threshold level at which recording is set to start. You can tell this is the case because the blue Pause button will be depressed after you press Record.

Why does audacity say error while opening sound device?

On Windows systems, you may receive "Error while opening sound device" when you try to record. This typically happens when you first use Audacity for recording and have no audio input devices (or only the built-in microphone) showing in Device Toolbar. See Error opening sound device for more details on this error.

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