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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a forum for audacity on Windows?

Help for Audacity on Windows. This forum is for Audacity on Windows. and the exact three-section version number of Audacity from "Help menu > About Audacity". Audacity 1.2.x and 1.3.x are obsolete and no longer supported. If you still have those versions, please upgrade at

Where can I find the audacity podcaster Forum?

Audacity Podcaster Forum. User-contributed artwork and graphics. Questions, discussion and recipes for scripting and batch processing in Audacity. See also the " Scripting " section of the Audacity manual. Last post Re: Batch build-a-song script… Using Nyquist scripts in Audacity. Last post Re: High Quality (no alias) T…

What can I do with the audacity wiki?

Audacity Wiki is an extensive user-editable help resource including: Tutorials – Additional and more specialised tutorials, links to other tutorials on the web and support forums in other than English. Tips – these articles will help you work with and understand Audacity and your audio hardware.

Which is the best place to get help with audacity?

First, check our Frequently Asked Questions and the following resources: Manuals – Read the Audacity Manual (with Tutorials ). These Tutorials offer step-by-step help with common tasks in Audacity, such as making ringtones, removing vocals, creating podcasts and transferring tapes and records to computer.

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