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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install a VST?

Steps Install your favorite audio software on your computer. Locate your VST plug-in directory. Select your VST plug-in and download it. Move the Zip file from your download folder into your plug-in. Extract the plug-in to its own folder in your plug-in directory. Delete the Zip file, or keep a backup in a different folder if you like.

What is VST you using?

VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology. VST instruments are used to generate a sound. VST effects work similar to effects modules that can be applied to polish the sound.

Is there autotune in audacity?

To get autotune on Audacity, you will need to have the 1.3.10 beta version from Audacity's website. Verify that you have autotune or G-snap in the plug-ins. You may need to download G-snap from the internet. First, open up Audacity. Then, go to edit and select preferences. Go to effects and click rescan BST effects next time Audacity is started.

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