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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a complication to my Apple Watch?

You can do that directly on the watch or within the Watch app on your iPhone. On your watch, go back to your watch face, then firmly press the display and choose the hidden option labeled Customize. Next, tap a blinking complication slot on the watch face to choose a complication you’d like to add.

Are there any third party complications for Apple Watch?

Best third-party Apple Watch complications in 2019. One of the coolest features of Apple Watch is custom third-party clock face complications: With custom complications, you can view upcoming flights or hotels, your next pill dosage, whether it's going to rain in a half-hour, or how long you've been working out.

How does sleep complication work on Apple Watch?

With the complication for your Apple Watch, you can tell Sleep ++ that you're turning in for the night or tell the app you have woken up all with a tap of the screen. You can also see how long you slept for the previous night just by looking at your Apple Watch face.

How many complication slots does the Apple Watch have?

The number of complication slots depends on the design of your chosen watch face. The Modular watch face, for example, has space for five different complications: one large and four small. The Apple Watch complication logic is part of a watchOS app’s extension.

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