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Frequently Asked Questions

How much data does the Audible App use?

Not a lot of data is used. However, high-quality downloads in the app cost around 30MB per reading hour. Most data plans are now available in GB. To put that in perspective, that’s roughly 33 to 35 hours per GB. If you’re impatient, you can even start listening while the book is downloading in the app.

How to find the Audible book file size?

How to Find an Audible Audiobook File Size On iPhone 1 Step 1: Open the Audible app. 2 Step 2: Select the My Library option at the bottom of the screen. 3 Step 3: Tap a book to begin downloading it. The file size will be shown under the book as it starts downloading. You can... More ...

How much storage space do you need for audible?

You are downloading your audiobooks as high-quality files. The high-quality format corresponds to the Audible Enhanced Audio format. It is Audible exclusive format and the best ever published for digital audiobooks. Each hour of audio requires approximately 28.8 MB of storage space.

Can you download audible books as.aax format?

It’s very simple to download an Audible book as .aax format on Mac. You just need to select “Enhanced” for the audio quality and click on “Download” on the Audible website. Note: On the Windows 10 Audible app, all the audiobooks will be saved as .aax format, but there are some differences.

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