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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get free books with AudiobooksNow?

You get one free premium audiobook when you sign up and then a 50% discount on the first book you buy each month. If you purchase another book during the same month, the discount goes down to between 30 and 40%. It's a reasonable idea, but the site doesn't place on our round-up of the best audiobook services.

Which is the best site to buy audio books?

AudiobooksNow is a hybrid audiobook site that mixes a monthly fee with regular online shopping. It's a little like Costco - you pay a small membership fee to get big discounts on audiobooks, but you can also opt to pay full price if you don't want to sign up.

Can you download audio books on the go?

Download or steam over 180,000 amazing audiobooks on the go! Start listening to bestselling titles in fiction and non-fiction in seconds. There is also unlimited access to 1000's of free audiobooks! 1. Save on every audiobook you purchase. 2. Save big with our Club Pricing Plan or purchase at our everyday low prices (no plan required). 3.

Is there a way to stream audio books instantly? | Stream or Download Audiobooks Instantly! Why AudiobooksNow? Get 50% off your first audiobook. Save big with Club Pricing or purchase at our everyday low prices (no plan required). Learn More Save big with Club Pricing, 30 day free trial.

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