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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Audiomack free?

Audiomack is Free and Nobody is Paying. 5 Magazine's series on Soundcloud Alternatives continues with Audiomack, which offers unlimited uploads and is completely free.

What is music on app?

Musically App is an app which also stands out to be a social media platform for people to reach their favorite songs lists and get updated with the information of the music personnel. If you are fond of music and wish to light your own video with your favorite track, then App is the right app for you.

What is a music ID app?

A music ID app can identify the songs you are listening to through a couple of different methods, and most use some form of online database. On method utilizes your iPhone's built-in microphone to "listen to" a song, sampling it. The app then attempts to identify it by comparing the sample's audio fingerprint against an online database.

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