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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I upload music to Audiomack?

Audiomack is a place for creators to upload (only) their own original content. Uploading your music library when you are not the owner of the music can result in the music taken down and even the removal of your uploading privileges.

Who is the creator of the app Audiomack?

What is Audiomack? Audiomack is a music streaming app available on android and similar to apps like SoundCloud and Spotify, but not exactly the same. Audiomack was established in 2012 by Dave Macli and David Ponte to permit specialists to share mixtapes, melodies, and collections.

What kind of music does Audiomack listen to?

Audiomack continues moving music forward by fusing your favorite trap hits with a full orchestra. With violins in the cut, trap music never sounded better. Audiomack goes global to move music forward with video content, playlists, photo essays, and interviews from New York to the universe and back.

How do I install Audiomack on my computer?

Once the download is done, go to your downloads folder and click on the downloaded .exe file. Agree to the terms and click on the install button. Wait while the setup proceeds to install the software. Once installation is complete, a ‘Start’ button will appear, click on it.

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