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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the county of Riverside Auditor-Controller do?

The Property Tax Division of the Auditor-Controller’s Office handles a wide variety of Property Tax related issues for the County of Riverside. More than $3 Billion annually gets apportioned (distributed) to approximately 350 participants, including cities, K-14 schools and special districts.

What does the Riverside County Property Tax Department do?

Allocation of Property Tax Revenue to the County, Cities, School Districts, Special Districts and Redevelopment Agencies in accordance with State mandates. Prepare and levy tax bills for Secured, Unsecured and Supplemental property within Riverside County. Prepare various State reports.

What is the payroll division of the Auditor Controller's office?

The Payroll Division of the Auditor-Controller's Office is responsible for Payroll Processing, Payroll Accounting and Payroll Reconciliation. The Division is comprised of two units: The Central Payroll Unit and the Accounting / Reconciliation Unit. The objective of the Central Payroll Unit is to process payroll timely and accurately.

What are the duties of the Auditor-Controller?

Further, the Auditor-Controller must maintain appropriation and budgetary controls, provide financial reports, and examine accounting records of departments and special districts for which the Board of Supervisors is the governing body. Fees: Please contact provider for fee information.

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