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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seating capacity does it have in auditorium?

Auditorium. The auditorium has a maximum seating capacity of 3,017. It is wheelchair accessible and has an infrared system for 100 hearing-impaired people (in addition to signers). Stage. Stage type: proscenium; Playing space dimensions: 64'x33' or 64'x40' Proscenium opening: 64'x30' Height grid/ceiling: 78' Stage floor type: Canadian hard rock ...

What is auditorium style?

Define Auditorium Style. auditorium style. In a meeting, a configuration in which seats are arranged in rows, facing front, as in a theater.

What is a church chair called?

A cathedra ( Latin for "chair"; from Greek: καθέδρα kathédra, "seat") or bishop's throne is the seat of a bishop. It is a symbol of the bishop's teaching authority in the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, and the Anglican Communion churches. Cathedra is the Latin word for a chair with armrests,...

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