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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Kids Did Audrey Hepburn have?

The marriages in her life produced two children; Sean Hepburn Ferrer and Luca Dotti. She desperately tried to have more children because she was very fond of having a large family. Her two children were the result of trying to have children 6 times, meaning that she had 4 miscarriages.

Who are Audrey Hepburn's children?

Her son Sean Ferrer has three children. Gregorio Ferrer and Santiago Ferrer were the sons of Sean Hepburn Ferrer and Giovanna Gregori, and Emma Ferrer is Sean Ferrer and Leila Flannigan’s daughter. Emma Ferrer was born in 1994 and also achieved success and popularity. Audrey’s second son Luca Dotti has two children.

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