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Frequently Asked Questions

How many tonnes of freight does Aurizon transport each year?

Each year, we transport more than 250 million tonnes of Australian commodities — connecting miners, primary producers, and industry with international and domestic markets. We provide our customers with integrated freight and logistics solutions across an extensive national rail and road network, traversing Australia.

What does Aurizon do for the rail network?

Aurizon Network is responsible for providing, maintaining and managing access to the CQCN rail network and associated rail infrastructure. We pride ourselves on safe, innovative, best-in-class rail infrastructure solutions including design, procure, construct, maintain and manage rail assets providing a one-stop-shop.

When did Aurizon become part of Queensland Rail?

Aurizon was rebranded from QR National in December 2012. QR National was established in the 2004/05 financial year when Queensland Rail 's coal, bulk and containerised business units were brought under one banner. It was formed with the charter to operate freight services in Queensland and around Australia,...

When did Aurizon become a public company in Australia?

Aurizon Holdings Limited is a publicly listed rail freight company in Australia. Formerly owned by the Government of Queensland, its assets were transferred to a new company, QR National Limited, in late 2010 in preparation for it being floated on the Australian Securities Exchange in November 2010.

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