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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Aurizon Holdings Limited and what do they do?

Aurizon Holdings Limited (AZJ) provides access to, and operation and management of, the Central Queensland Coal Network (CQCN) and provides design, construction, overhaul, maintenance and management services to Aurizon Holdings Limited and its subsidiary entities (the Aurizon Group) as well as external below rail customers.

How can I find out my shareholding in Aurizon?

The share register for Aurizon Holdings Limited is managed by Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited. Through the Computershare Investor Centre, shareholders can access holding information (including dividend details), access printable forms, update banking instructions, and provide notification of a tax file number.

What is the current dividend yield of Aurizon?

Aurizon pays an annual dividend of A$0.29 per share and currently has a dividend yield of 7.54%. AZJ has a dividend yield higher than 75% of all dividend-paying stocks, making it a leading dividend payer. The dividend payout ratio of Aurizon is 103.20%.

Who is the share registrar for Aurizon share register?

Since FY2016, over $4b has been returned to shareholders though dividends and buybacks. Who is the share registrar for Aurizon? Aurizon's share register is managed by Computershare Investors Services Pty Ltd. You can find their contact details on the page. Can I get a replacement dividend statement?

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