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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the stock price of Aurizon Holdings Limited?

Aurizon Holdings (ASX:AZJ) has had a rough three months with its share price down 10%. However, stock prices are... Are Aurizon Holdings Limited (ASX:AZJ) Investors Paying Above The Intrinsic Value?

What makes Aurizon a good company to work for?

We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals who value safety of themselves and their colleagues. Aurizon is a top ASX-listed company managing assets of over AUD$9 billion. We are looking for forward thinking individuals across our operations and locations with strong commercial leadership.

Why is Aurizon in the rail freight industry?

Aurizon is working with others in the global rail freight industry to get this rapidly-advancing technology onto our tracks, for the benefit of customers, communities and the Australian economy.

How much cargo does Aurizon transport in a day?

On an average day, Aurizon will move in excess of 700,000 t (770,000 tons) of coal, iron ore and other minerals, as well as agricultural products and general freight across the nation. The company transports more than 250 million tonnes of Australian commodities each year, with operations in five Australian states.

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