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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Aurizon the leader in ultrasonics?

Aurizon strives to be the globally recognized leader in the design, development and delivery of ultrasonic solutions for disposable hygiene, flexible packaging and specialty converting applications.

When did Aurizon become a public company in Australia?

Aurizon Holdings Limited is a publicly listed rail freight company in Australia. Formerly owned by the Government of Queensland, its assets were transferred to a new company, QR National Limited, in late 2010 in preparation for it being floated on the Australian Securities Exchange in November 2010.

Why do people want to work at Aurizon?

At Aurizon, we offer a wide range of career opportunities recognising that people come from many different experiences, backgrounds and industries. We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team to deliver for our customers and to support our operations.

Why is Aurizon in the rail freight industry?

Aurizon is working with others in the global rail freight industry to get this rapidly-advancing technology onto our tracks, for the benefit of customers, communities and the Australian economy.

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