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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other alternatives to Aurora 4x?

- Ars Technica OpenForum Aurora 4x alternatives? So, Aurora 4x is more or less stagnating while the developer re-writes/ports it over to C#. A long needed change. However, I'm curious if any of you have some alternatives that you know of?

What's the latest version of the Aurora beam?

Aurora is on version 1.12.0 C#, available at the Aurora Forums. Contact Erik on the forum for a wiki account. This page provides a brief overview and comparison of Beam Weapons and CIWS.

What does a beam weapon do in Aurora?

Beam weapon in Aurora refers to every weapon that isn't a Missile weapon or CIWS, and are operated by a beam fire control sensor. Beam weapons are very short-ranged compared to missile weapons but they can do a lot of damage in a short space of time and they don't need ammunition.

Do you need external sensors to fire a CIWS?

CIWSs do not need external active sensor contact or external fire controls to fire. The internal sensors on the CIWS don't detect enemy ships or missiles in any way except for ensuring that missiles are always seen and fired on 10,000 km before impact. In other words, you will never see anything on the map as being detected by CIWS.

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