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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Aurora parts and accessories, LLC?

To better serve the customer, Aurora has developed the industry’s most complete network of independently-owned dealerships providing both part sales and trailer repair services. Aurora Parts & Accessories, LLC. is the leading provider of aftermarket service solutions for heavy duty trailering equipment in North America.

How many people have registered for Aurora 4x?

Most Online Today: 347 . Most Online Ever: 1523 (June 13, 2021, 07:13:19 PM) It appears that you have not registered with Aurora 4x. To register, please click here...

How many layers of armor does a PDC get?

PDCs get four free layers of armor to represent being dug out of a mountain. They can mount PDC-only fire controls which get a 1.5x range modifier and missile launchers in PDCs have half the reload time of ship-based systems, but PDCs are unable to use certain components such as shields.

What kind of trailer parts does Aurora make?

Aurora is the exclusive supplier of authorized Wabash National, Transcraft and Benson parts, and offers a complete inventory of Fruehauf, DuraPlate® and Pro-Par products as well. In addition, Aurora carries an “all makes” structural line, Pro-FIT, for all brands of trailers, including Hyundai, Great Dane, Utility and others.

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