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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ship is in Aurora 4x?

In Aurora 4X, I've managed to build this Halifax class of ship with some internal fusion twin engine and geological survey equipment; I have a few of them which I all detached from any battle group.

How is the Aurora ship to ship tractor?

Aurora is on version 1.13.0 C#, available at the Aurora Forums. Contact Erik on the forum for a wiki account. The Ship to Ship Tractor is a ship component that projects a tractor beam capable of attaching one ship to another.

How to rescue a stranded out of fuel ship in Aurora 4x?

1) Instead of manual fuel transfer, you can just merge the two TGs and equalize the fuel levels. You can then split them again or let them go home together. This is useful, when you have trouble judging how much fuel the stranded ship needs.

How much armour do you need for an aurora4x?

The armour area is 14.1. Dividing by 4 gives us a Required Armour Strength of 3.525. As Duranium has a strength per HS of 5, we need 3.525/5 HS of armour, which is 0.705, rounded to 0.7. As you can see on the design, 0.7 HS of Duranium Armour has automatically been allocated.

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