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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Aurora do for the homeless in Evansville?

Aurora, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Evansville, IN, strives to prevent and end homelessness in the Evansville community. The Aurora team provides many services for those who are homeless or are at risk of being homeless in the community.

Who are the people that Aurora cares for?

This number includes children, men, women, veterans, the re-entry population, refugees, and individuals with disabilities. Aurora is dedicated to connecting the homeless, near homeless, and those in crisis to resources in the community that can help.

How long has Aurora been in the community?

Founded in 1988, Aurora has impacted the community for over three decades. We believe that actively collaborating with other community agencies, churches, schools, businesses, and more is important to making the end of homelessness a reality. We connect individuals to local housing, food pantries, financial assistance, and more.

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