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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music does Aurora Aksnes sing?

AURORA performing in 2018 at Stavernfestivalen in Norway. Aurora Aksnes (born 15 June 1996), known mononymously as AURORA (stylised in all caps ), is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Born in Stavanger, Aurora released her debut extended play, Running with the Wolves, in 2015, through Decca Records.

When did Aurora Aksnes release her first EP?

This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630) Aurora Aksnes (born 15 June 1996), known mononymously as Aurora (stylised as Aurora), is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer. Her debut EP Running with the Wolves was released through Decca Records in May 2015, receiving widespread approval from online music blogs and national press.

What kind of stage presence does Aurora have?

Aurora has an amazing stage presence for her first international tour, and the live renditions for her songs (especially Winter Bird & Running with the Wolves) far surpassed the studio versions. Very much looking forward to future shows. If you have the opportunity to see her live, do not miss it!!

Where did Aurora Aksnes live most of her life?

Aurora Aksnes was born in the Stavanger University Hospital in Stavanger, Norway, on 15 June 1996. She spent her first three years in Høle, a small town where her parents, May Britt Froastad and Jan Øystein Aksnes, had lived for 15 years.

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