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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the court in Aurora, CO?

Aurora Municipal Court - Full Sheet Gold Summons and Complaint, or Half Sheet White Summons and Complaint (All Summons and Complaints with the address 14999 E. Alameda Parkway, Aurora CO 80012) Arapahoe County Court - Full Sheet Green Summons and Complaint, or Full Sheet White Summons and Complaint (State Patrol)

Where are the courts in Arapahoe County Colorado?

For Collections email: [email protected] Please call to reschedule appointments with the probation department. The Eighteenth Judicial District Courts has two court locations in Arapahoe County. Arapahoe County Justice Center is located at 7325 S. Potomac St., Centennial, CO 80112.

How to contact Aurora Municipal Court for payment?

Your request will be submitted to a Judge for consideration and you will be notified of the Judge’s ruling with seventy-two (72) hours of your inquiry. For payment questions, you may contact Aurora Municipal Court by telephone at 303.739.6421, Option 7, or by emailing [email protected] .

Where do Aurora Police write tickets and summonses?

An insurance card will not be considered sufficient. Aurora Police Officers write tickets/summonses for the Aurora Municipal Court, Arapahoe County Court, Adams County Court, and Douglas County Court. Please read your summons and complaint carefully to figure out which courthouse you should contact.

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