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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a detention center in Aurora Colorado?

The Detention Staff works closely with the Aurora Police Department, the Aurora City Marshals, the Arapahoe and Adams County Detention Facility, as well as other jurisdictions, to house and transport detainees in preparation for their court appearances.

Where is the Aurora Municipal Court in Aurora located?

Aurora Municipal Court and Detention Center is located at 14999 E. Alameda Parkway. General Court Information: 303.739.6444. The Aurora Detention Center is a 72-hour Adult Holding Facility and has a maximum capacity of 220 detainees.

How to appear in court in Aurora, CO?

The Aurora Municipal Court is allowing persons to appear “virtually” or by video conferencing for certain cases. To determine if your case is eligible for video conferencing, please contact the Aurora Municipal Court at [email protected] or by TEXT at 720-704-0100.

Who is the city attorney of Aurora IL?

The City Attorney's Criminal Justice Division is responsible for the prosecution of violations of municipal ordinances and regulations. The primary function of the Public Defender's Office is to represent indigent defendants of the city of Aurora.

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