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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Aurora Colorado Court records?

The Colorado Judicial Branch Website also contains records on criminal and civil cases that fall under the Aurora municipal counties. In addition, residents may view or obtain court records by visiting the courthouses where the case was heard.

How to get a police record in Aurora?

If you are submitting a Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA) request, please use the button below labeled "CCJRA Open Records Request" and email the completed form to [email protected] The Public Records Detail will then be in touch to discuss payment options. Phone: 303.739.6267 CCJRA requests may take up to 6 weeks to process.

Where is the police headquarters in Aurora Colorado?

The Records Unit is located on the first floor in the Aurora Police Headquarters Building located at 15001 E. Alameda Parkway. All records requests are processed in accordance with Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA), C.R.S. 24-72-301, et seq.

Where can I find arrest records in Colorado?

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), a division of the Colorado Department of Public Safety, is the agency responsible for providing criminal background checks for all counties in the state. Its records include arrest records provided by local law enforcement agencies in the state.

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