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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the mayor of the city of Aurora?

Profession: Being the mayor of the city of Aurora is a full-time job as defined by the City Charter. Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman has dedicated his career to defending our country and making a difference for Aurora.

How does the city clerk of Aurora work?

The City Clerk's Office provides the forms required to run for municipal office, and works with citizens on the initiative and referendum process, whereby citizens can propose legislation and seek its approval by the voters. The clerk's office also coordinates with the county clerks and recorders to conduct municipal elections.

Where can I watch the Aurora city council meeting?

This event is being held on s... AuroraTV is your source for local Aurora programming. Join us for weekly community news, City Council meetings and more. Watch Live Video Player is loading.

What is the city of Aurora Community Survey?

The 2018 City of Aurora Community Survey gave registered votes the opportunity to weigh in on priorities for city projects and planning, as well as funding through potential tax measures.

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