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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the mayor of Aurora, CO?

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman added a new title to his resume last week — Homeless Mike. The Marine Corps veteran and former state treasurer, secretary of state and congressman, went undercover for a week to live among the homeless in Aurora and Denver.

Who is the mayor of Denver, CO?

A week before Coffman hit the streets, he got a call from Denver Mayor Michael Hancock who wants to work on a metro-wide approach to homelessness. Coffman will suggest that it include some personal responsibility from the homeless.

How does the city clerk of Aurora work?

The City Clerk's Office provides the forms required to run for municipal office, and works with citizens on the initiative and referendum process, whereby citizens can propose legislation and seek its approval by the voters. The clerk's office also coordinates with the county clerks and recorders to conduct municipal elections.

Why does Aurora have a smaller camping problem than Denver?

Aurora has a much smaller camping problem than Denver, he noted, even though Denver has a camping ban. What he would like to see, he says, is maybe a public education campaign urging people not to bring food and other provisions that enable people who want to put up tents in urban areas, sleep on sidewalks and use drugs.

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