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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the mayor of the city of Aurora?

Profession: Being the mayor of the city of Aurora is a full-time job as defined by the City Charter. Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman has dedicated his career to defending our country and making a difference for Aurora.

How big is the city of Aurora Colorado?

The City of Aurora has a population of 375,000 and it is now the 54th largest city in the United States, with a landmass larger than Denver’s. Aurora has the greatest potential for economic growth of any city in Colorado, given that 38% of its land is undeveloped.

How did the city of Aurora Colorado get its name?

Founded in 1891, the city of Aurora was originally named Fletcher by its founder, Donald Fletcher. In 1907, the town changed its name to Aurora. Long known as the Gateway to the Rockies, this All-America City lies on the eastern edge of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area.

What does the city of Aurora survey do?

The survey also serves as a consumer report card for Aurora by inviting voters to rate their satisfaction with the quality of life, local facilities and services,and local government.

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