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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the mayor of Aurora Colorado 2019?

The 2019 Aurora, Colorado mayoral election was held on November 5, 2019 to elect the mayor of Aurora, Colorado. It saw the election of Mike Coffman . Incumbent mayor Bob LeGare, who assumed the office following the death in office of Steve Hogan, did not seek reelection.

Who are the members of the Aurora City Council?

The Aurora City Council is composed of a mayor and 10 council members. Of those 10 members, six are ward council members, representing one of the six wards that section the city. The remaining four council members are elected at large, like the mayor, to represent the entire city.

How does the city clerk of Aurora work?

The City Clerk's Office provides the forms required to run for municipal office, and works with citizens on the initiative and referendum process, whereby citizens can propose legislation and seek its approval by the voters. The clerk's office also coordinates with the county clerks and recorders to conduct municipal elections.

Who was the first black mayor of Aurora IL?

Irvin, a former Kane County prosecutor, was elected as Aurora’s first Black mayor in 2017. He spent his formative years in public housing, as the son of a single mother, and later joined the Military and served in Operation Desert Storm, which he says was a turning point that led to his focus on public service.

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