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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is the city of Aurora Colorado?

Aurora is located adjacent to the east side of Denver. The city's official elevation, posted on signs at the city limits, is 5,471 feet (1,668 m). However, the city spans a difference in elevation of nearly 1,000 feet (300 m).

What's the difference between Denver and Aurora Colorado?

Former mayor Dennis Champine once expressed the somewhat whimsical notion that eventually the area would be called the "Aurora/Denver Metropolitan Area". Indeed, since the 2000 Census Aurora has surpassed Denver in land area, and much of Aurora is undeveloped, while Denver is more fully built-out.

How did the city of Aurora Colorado get its name?

Aurora originated in the 1880s as the town of Fletcher, taking its name from Denver businessman Donald Fletcher who saw it as a real estate opportunity. He and his partners staked out four square miles (10 km 2) east of Denver, but the town - and Colorado - struggled mightily after the Silver Crash of 1893.

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