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Frequently Asked Questions

What should the Aurora forecast be for Alaska?

This, and the fact that we care about night time solar winds, which straddle two calendar days, leads to the forecasts often being late by a day for Alaska. You should consider a 2 to be average to slightly below average and a 3 to be average to above average.

How does the Aurora 30 minute forecast work?

Aurora - 30 minute forecast. The OVATION Aurora Forecast Model shows the intensity and location of the aurora predicted for the time shown at the top of the map. This probability forecast is based on current solar wind conditions measured at L1, but using a fixed 30-minute delay time between L1 and Earth.

When to see the aurora borealis in Fairbanks?

The Aurora Borealis Tracker correlates aurora forecast, weather conditions and time of day to determine aurora viewing possibilities in multiple locations. During the Midnight Sun Season (April 22- August 20), Fairbanks experiences 24 hours of sunlight for seventy days from May 17 to July 27.

How often does UAF update the weather forecast?

Twos and threes are the most common predictions. The University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute repackages this same 27-day outlook, the original outlook and UAF's repackaging are both updated only once a week. Would you trust a weather forecast that was updated once a week?

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