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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Aurora weather forecast in Canada?

The Astronomy North aurora forecast is updated daily before noon Mountain Time. This forecast uses space weather data provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Forecasts are adjusted as solar and magnetic field conditions change. Meet our Forecaster. Other Forecasts: NOAA / Canada / Yukon / Edmonton / Alaska.

Is the Yukon Territory famous for the aurora borealis?

The Yukon is world-famous for its stunning displays of Aurora Borealis. Below is the forecast for the current expected Auroral activity in the Yukon. Where every room has a view!

How long does it take to see Northern Lights in Yukon?

Based on the weather forecast our guides didn’t anticipate the aurora appearing for at least a couple more hours, which gave us time to relax in the cozy cabins, trade stories around the campfire (while eating s’mores, naturally) and most importantly get our camera gear set up.

When do auroras return to the northern sky?

Conditions: Our community aurora forecasts will resume this summer when darkness returns to the northern sky (August 10, 2021). For current global conditions please visit the Space Weather Prediction Centre website.

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