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Frequently Asked Questions

What can The Advocate Aurora EAP do for You?

We’ve designed the Advocate Aurora EAP to partner with you to ensure employees can handle any challenge, from child care needs to marital conflicts and beyond. We offer confidential, cost-effective services and make it easy for your employees to connect with the right resources, wherever they live in the United States.

What do you need to know about healthcare EAP?

HealthCare EAP. HealthCare EAP is designed to specifically address unique issues facing personnel in the healthcare industry. These include hospital staff, nurses, doctors, aides, technicians, and support staff.

What does advocate Aurora occupational health services do?

That’s why Advocate Aurora Occupational Health Services offers comprehensive program to prevent problems, manage outcomes, comply with regulations and ensure the continuing good health and productivity of your employees. The result is innovative solutions for a healthier, safe workforce and increased productivity for your business.

How many hospitals does Aurora Health Care have in Wisconsin?

We are Wisconsin's premier non-profit health care network of 15 hospitals, 1,400+ doctors & physicians, hundreds of clinics and pharmacies covering 31 counties. Home | Aurora Health Care Billing & Payment Search

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