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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the city of Aurora do with GIS?

The City of Aurora works together with the State of Ohio, Portage County, and other local governments to centralize local information for the benefit of all departments in the city. With GIS we can track our infrastructure, keep records current, and map our parks and neighborhood resources more accurately.

Why is GIS important to Portage County OH?

Portage County is committed to providing it's citizens and other agencies with efficient, reliable access to public information. Disseminating geographic data via today's GIS and internet technologies is the most cost effective way to accomplish the task. Significant time and effort will be dedicated to utilizing web solutions.

What does the city of Aurora do for a living?

The city of Aurora produces a large assortment of geographic data, maps, and applications in support of operations like public safety, utilities, and planning.

How is a GIS used in a map?

Geographic Information System ("GIS") is an interactive computer-based method of storing community data within maps. GIS is used to assemble, store, manipulate, update, analyze and display geographically referenced data.

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