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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the singer Aurora from Stavanger Norway?

AURORA performing in 2018 at Stavernfestivalen in Norway. Aurora Aksnes (born 15 June 1996), known mononymously as AURORA (stylised in all caps ), is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Born in Stavanger, Aurora released her debut EP, Running with the Wolves, in 2015, through Decca Records.

Who is the lead singer of Aurora now?

Aurora comes out of the performance status and like a little elf, with her funny English greets the audience. The next song is Warrior. Silje Sol joins on piano and with support vocals. The guitarist sings as well. The song is so energetic and powerful. It brings tears to my eyes.

Where are the dates of the aurora tour?

AURORA tour dates 2021 - 2022 AURORA is currently touring across 5 countries and has 10 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Borggården in Trondheim, after that they'll be at Park Śląski in Chorzów. See all your opportunities to see them live below!

When does Aurora come out with new album?

AURORA’s single Exist For Love also came out in 2020, while early 2021 saw the arrival of a pair of EPs – For The Humans Who Take Long Walks In The Forest and Music For The Fellow Witches Out There – in celebration of the six-year anniversary of her breakthrough single Runaway.

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