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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the female singer that has unshaved armpit hair?

Madonna has lived for shocking fans with her antics through during her four-decade career. That includes flaunting her natural underarm hair. The Queen of Pop has flashed her unshaved look in numerous Instagram photos over the years, and now her daughter Lourdes Leon is following in her footsteps.

Are there any celebrities that don't shave their armpits?

Here are some celebrities who don't shave their armpits. 1. Gaby Hoffmann The beloved actress and Transparent star is a lot like the free-spirited characters she plays on the big and silver screens, unafraid to rock unshaven pits even on the red carpet.

Who was the first actress to have armpit hair?

Italian actor Sophia Loren pushed back against societal standards of beauty in Europe well before keeping armpit hair was trendy. During the Golden Age of Hollywood, Loren was making feminist waves by proudly baring her underarm hair.

What kind of SPF does Aurora Aksnes use?

Her favorite is a powerful and waterproof SPF fresh from her local Norwegian pharmacy. Traveling has also made Aksnes a master of portable yet satisfying in-flight snacks, the singer opts for omega 3-rich Wasa crackers, dried mangoes, or a banana, remarking on the potassium’s calming qualities, “It makes me less stressed.”

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