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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Aurora Cannabis stock going down so much?

And it might still have room to fall: Two analysts recently lowered their price targets to less than half of the stock’s current value. Aurora’s executives say they are confident that sales will ramp up as new cannabis products like edibles are introduced.

When does Aurora Cannabis have to pay back cash?

In other words, unless ACB stock rises 70% in maybe six months — giving lenders time to respond, as well as confidence that the stock won’t pull back as many pot stocks have on occasion — Aurora Cannabis is going to have to pay back 230 million CAD in cash on March 9. That doesn’t seem like that big a problem.

When is the release date for Aurora Cannabis?

Aurora Cannabis is scheduled to release its next quarterly earnings announcement on Thursday, September 23rd 2021. View our earnings forecast for Aurora Cannabis. How were Aurora Cannabis' earnings last quarter? Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSE:ACB) issued its earnings results on Thursday, May, 13th.

Is there a balance sheet problem for Aurora?

Aurora, on the other hand, has a potential balance sheet problem. That might seem like an exaggeration. The company closed its third quarter (ending March 31) with 390 million CAD ($296 million) in cash. The company is not going bankrupt any time soon. But there is a large debt maturing in a little over seven months.

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