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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the stock price of Aurora mobile?

While it didn't name its new partner, it did describe it, and the description seems to match a certain California-based electric-vehicle maker whose stock has had a very good year. As of 10 a.m. EST, Aurora's shares were up about 63.3% from Monday's closing price.

What do you need to know about Aurora Innovation?

Aurora is delivering the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly. About Aurora Innovation Stock Aurora works at the intersection of rigorous engineering and applied machine learning to address one of the most challenging, important and interesting opportunities of our generation: transforming the way people and goods move.

Why is JG stock up on EV news?

Aurora Mobile (NASDAQ: JG) is seeing shares of JG stock soar higher on Tuesday after announcing new electric vehicle (EV) news. A news release from Aurora Mobile reveals that it has signed a partnership agreement with a new energy vehicle manufacturer.

Is there any connection between Aurora Innovation and SigTuple?

SigTuple builds intelligent solutions for medical diagnosis using state of the art machine learning techniques. EquityZen does not have an affiliation with, formal relationship with, or endorsement from Aurora Innovation or any companies feature above.

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