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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the stock split for Aurora Cannabis?

Aurora Cannabis executed a 1-for-12 reverse stock split to lift the share price and remain eligible for trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Aurora Cannabis ( ACB) - Get Report shares fell on Monday, the first day of trading after the company executed a 1-for-12 reverse stock split.

Is the Aurora stock worth owning after its reverse split?

And while Aurora may have avoided the delisting threat for the time being, the dilution issue is now rearing its ugly head. It is reportedly the case that the Aurora’s reverse split will reduce the number of stock shares from over 1.3 billion to around 110 million. That suggests the opposite of dilution, right?

What was the stock price of Aurora on May 11?

The Aurora stock price did not magically jump from $0.80 to $9 in just one day. Of course, before that happens on May 11, shareholders have a tough decision to make. They are asking themselves what they should be doing with their shares of Aurora.

What happens to shares of ACB after reverse stock split?

Now, if you still own the company when the Aurora reverse stock split happens, it may appear that your shares of ACB are more valuable. But that’s not what will happen when the Aurora reverse stock split takes place. For every 12 shares of ACB that you own right now, you will receive 1 new share after the reverse stock split.

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