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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lawrenceton in Aurora Teagarden?

In the first book of the series, twenty-eight-year-old Aurora (Roe) Teagarden is a professional librarian and belongs to the Real Murders club, a group of 12 enthusiasts who gather monthly to study famous baffling or unsolved crimes in the town of Lawrenceton, Georgia.

Where is the waterfall in Aurora Teagarden?

Montour Falls, New York . Another primary location for filming the 'Aurora Teagarden' movies is Montour Falls, New York. West Main St, Montour Falls, is Shequaga Falls in the opening credits. Also, 401 W Main St, Montour Falls serves as the location for the exterior of Montour House Cafe & Tapas Bar.

Where does the Aurora Teagarden show filmed?

What town is Aurora Teagarden filmed in? The films in the series have been shot largely in Vancouver, British Columbia. The films are broadcast in the USA on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Similarly, you may ask, where is the waterfall in Aurora Teagarden filmed?

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