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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Aurora Teagarden's boyfriend?

Aurora Teagarden and her boyfriend Martin are thrilled when they get an unexpected visit from his niece and her new baby.

Did Aurora Teagarden get married?

Peter Benson is known for his work on Mech-X4 (2016), A Bundle of Trouble: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2017) and Hell on Wheels (2011). He has been married to Julia Benson since August 8, 2009.

Who does Aurora Teagarden marry?

In the book series by Charlaine Harris, Aurora is married to Robin the mystery writer. She married Martin first, though, and he died. Then she married Robin. Herein, is Martin still on Aurora Teagarden?

Who plays Aurora Teagarden's boyfriend?

Aurora Teagarden's next relationship in the movie is with Nick Miller (Niall Matter), who has nothing to do with investigating crimes like her last boyfriend, Martin. Although the chemistry between Aurora and Nick isn't as intense as that with Martin, fans warmed up to the idea of the two together.

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