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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries come out?

When a priceless crown is stolen during a benefit gala held by the Lawrenceton library, Aurora and the Real Murders Club must investigate who would kill to get their hands on it. Get the scoop on all the superhero movies and series coming in 2021 and beyond.

Who are the characters in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries?

Assistant Librarian Aurora Teagarden - Ro to her friends - her Criminology Professor boyfriend Nick Miller, and their fellow members of the Real Murders Discussion Club, especially those also at the gala, can't help but ... Written by Huggo Did You Know?

What happens to Bess and Lillian in Aurora Teagarden?

Aurora finds Bess' sister and her colleague at the library, Lillian, attacked in the library and suspects that Captain Burns was on a case that got him murdered. As Aurora begins digging into the murder, her house is broken into and someone mysteriously leaves her flowers and then a kitten.

Who is Aurora Teagarden in the Real Murders club?

Aurora Teagarden. In the first book of the series, twenty-eight-year-old Aurora (Roe) Teagarden is a professional librarian and belongs to the Real Murders club, a group of 12 enthusiasts who gather monthly to study famous baffling or unsolved crimes in the town of Lawrenceton, Georgia .

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