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Frequently Asked Questions

What colleges offer GED?

Traditional campus colleges that accept GED students include University of Florida, University of Texas, University of Illinois, DePaul University, University of Southern California, New York University, Arizona State University, Penn State University, Indiana University and University of Colorado.

What is GED General Education?

GED officially means General Education Development, but is also popularly known by names such as Graduate Equivalency Degree, General Education Diploma, or General Equivalency Diploma. The GED is a substitute for a traditional high school diploma, and is awarded upon the passing of a GED test.

What is Ged verification?

GED verifications go through the Department of Education in the state where the applicant obtained the GED. To verify a GED, an applicant’s date of birth, name used when the GED was obtained, and the date they obtained the GED (at least the year) is needed.

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