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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dissertation at Aurora University practice based?

The dissertation at Aurora University is primarily practice-based and dealing with issues faced by educational organizations. It should have relevance to the doctoral student’s professional setting. The dissertation belongs first and foremost to the doctoral student.

How does aura grant work at the University of Chicago?

AURA Grants allows researchers to create a proposal in response to a funding opportunity announcement (FOA), route it for approvals, and submit it electronically to the sponsor. AURA Agreements allows faculty to submit research related agreements (contracts) for institutional review, and track through the approval process.

How to contact the registrar's office in Aurora?

Contact the Registrar's Office at 204-474-9420 (Toll Free in N. America 1-877-474-9420). Please visit the Registrar's Office website for information about the changes we have made during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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