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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my Aurora water bill?

The City of Aurora offers Automatic Water Bill Payment. The city can automatically withdraw your bimonthly utility bill from your checking account on the due date. No more late fees. It's safe and simple, simply fill out the form attached and submit it to the Water Billing Division in order for us...

How long does Aurora IL water bill stay in mail?

The E-Notification also contains a link to the customer's account history and the city's online bill payment service. Customers who register for E-Notification will continue to receive printed bills in the mail for 3 billing cycles after receiving an E-Notification registration confirmation.

Where can I find Aurora water customer support?

Customer support for Aurora Water (CO) can be reached online at Reach Aurora Water (CO) by phone at 303-739-7370.

Who is the primary account holder for Aurora water?

Aurora Water Water Billing (water, wastewater & storm drain) 303.739.7388 The property owner is the primary account holder for water services, including all potable water connections, sewer service and storm drain charges. The account is established at the time of sale of the property and title transfer.

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