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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Police Department of Aurora Colorado?

Police Dispatch: 303.627.3100 General Information: 303.739.6000 The Aurora Police Department is responsible for providing law enforcement services to a growing, urban/suburban community with unique and ever-changing needs.

Where is the Aurora Police Records unit located?

The Aurora Police Records Unit is the centralized storage and processing area for all records and information relating to Aurora Police Department activities, including criminal reports, arrest records, and accident reports.

Is the Aurora Police Department offering fingerprinting services?

Effective September 24, 2018, the Aurora Police Department will no longer be offering fingerprinting services. Going forward, individuals will need to register with an approved vendor. Please visit CBI's website for the most up to date information available.

When to report a burglary in Aurora, CO?

Definition: If you have previously reported a burglary to the Aurora Police Department and have a case number that the responding officer provided, you may report additional stolen property that you have discovered missing on this report. Example: You filed a burglary report with an Aurora Police officer and you have a case number.

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