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Frequently Asked Questions

How to report use tax city of Aurora?

Angie will report the use tax online 10 of their Aurora Sales and Use Tax return. A spreadsheet is provided as an example for how to document transactions and calculate use tax liability.

How much is the Occupational Privilege Tax in Aurora?

Occupational Privilege Tax (OPT) General Information The city of Aurora imposes an Occupational Privilege Tax (OPT) on individuals who work within the city limits. Employees and Employers are subject to OPT of $2 per month if: Gross earnings are $250 or more per calendar month

Do you pay sales tax on cash registers in Aurora?

XYZ Bookstore buys a carload of cash registers. They will be stored in Aurora and shipped to various stores in and out of Aurora as needed. The vendor did not charge XYZ Aurora sales tax. XYZ must pay 3.75 percent Aurora use tax on all cash registers, including those to be shipped to stores outside of Aurora.

What does the city of Aurora do online?

The city has a new tool to help foster meaningful conversations online and to help build lasting relationships with community residents and businesses: Engage Aurora . At a time when many in-person meetings are not possible due to COVID-19, the city wants to make sure we continue to provide a place for community conversations.

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