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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an error code on my Austar box?

The L30 isnt an error code, it is the loader version on the box. You have said the STB works on another's installation but not yours so the problem has to be either in the connector, the cable, the LNB or the Dish incorrectly aimed.

Where does the signal from my Austar box come from?

When you tested your box at your mate's place, did you test it with a terrestrial antenna connected and are the terrestrial signals coming from the same transmission site as where your box subscription address is registered? How are you obtaining the signal readings you've quoted?

When did Austar change its name to Foxtel?

The transition was completed in 2014, when all Austar branding was replaced with the current Foxtel moniker. Austar was involved with providing services to Sega Channel in Australia in partnership with Namco Bandai Partners, a joint venture between Sega and Ozisoft.

Where can I watch Austar shows on demand?

Austar Featured on Demand used to deliver Austar shows – on demand – to the MyStar each week free of charge with a MyStar subscription. It has since been replaced by Foxtel on Demand. Austar AnyWhere was Austar's online TV service, which allowed customers to watch or download full-length programs online. Austar Anywhere closed on 30 June 2013.

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