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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a link between Amazonian and Australasian DNA?

Previous research from 2015 first revealed a link between Australasian DNA from early humans and Amazonian groups but the most recent study has found it's even running deeper than previously believed ( Deep genetic affinity between coastal Pacific and Amazonian natives evidenced by Australasian ancestry ).

Are there any Australian DNA in South America?

Researchers first noted the astonishing link back in 2015, but a new study from the University of São Paulo has confirmed that Australian DNA is even more widespread in Indigenous South Americans than originally thought.

Where did the Aboriginal Australians get their DNA from?

One other notable finding from the DNA study is evidence of an “uncharacterized” hominin group that interbred with modern humans as they migrated through southeast Asia on their way to Australia. According to the study, around four percent of the Aboriginal Australian genome comes from this unknown human relative.

What was the shared genetic marker between Australia and South America?

The shared genetic marker between Australasian and South American tribes was dubbed the “Y signal” for “Ypikuéra,” which is an Indigenous word from Brazil’s Tupi people that means “ancestor.”

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