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Frequently Asked Questions

Which foods are special in Australia?

10 Specialty Foods You Can Only Get In Australia Fairy Bread. Fairy bread is a staple at children's birthday parties and other get-togethers across Australia. ... Burger With The Lot. Hamburgers are found all over the world and aren't an Aussie thing by any measure. ... Chiko Roll. ... Vanilla Slice. ... Vegemite. ... Lamingtons. ... Snag. ... Meat Pies. ... Golden Gaytime. ... Tim Tams. ...

What is the most popular snack in Australia?

Other classics that are also popular foods in Australia are the meat pies and the Anzac biscuits. The humble meat pie is a cup shaped pastry filled with minced meat and gravy. Very popular as a take away snack. It is a highly sold item during sporting events.

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